User guide


User guide

Introduction to Orbitype

Orbitype is a versatile and user-friendly headless CMS (Content Management System) designed to streamline your content management experience. It allows you to efficiently manage and deliver content across various digital platforms, providing a seamless integration with S3 storage and SQL/Postgres databases.

Key Features of Orbitype

  • Flexible Data Management: Customize your content structure as needed. Create and manage your database schema or store files directly on S3.

  • API-Driven Interactions: Orbitype's API-centric approach means you can access and manipulate your data through well-defined endpoints.

  • Modular Connectors: The system uses connectors, like the S3 Connector for storage and SQL Connector for database operations, to simplify data handling.

Working with Orbitype

  • 1. Content Creation and Management

    • S3 Storage Integration: Easily upload, download, and manage files on S3. This is ideal for handling images, documents, and other media files.

    • Database Interaction: Use the SQL Connector for more complex data structures. It's perfect for handling large datasets or when you need advanced querying capabilities.

    2. API Usage

    • Secure and Simple: Perform actions like creating, reading, updating, and deleting content through straightforward API requests.

    • Prepared Statements: For SQL operations, Orbitype supports prepared statements, enhancing security and efficiency.

    3. Image Manipulation with IPX

    • Dynamic Resizing: Resize and manipulate images on-the-fly using Orbitype’s IPX instance, integrated with the Nuxt Image component for easy implementation in your projects.

Benefits for End-Users

  • Scalability: Whether you’re managing a small blog or a large-scale digital platform, Orbitype adapts to your content needs.

  • Flexibility: Tailor your data structures to fit your project’s requirements, whether it’s through JSON files in S3 or custom schemas in SQL databases.

  • Performance: Enjoy fast, reliable access to your content, optimized for modern web applications.

Getting Started with Orbitype

To begin using Orbitype, simply integrate it with your existing digital platform. Set up your API keys, configure your S3 and SQL connectors, and start managing your content with ease.

Support and Resources

For detailed documentation, API references, and support, reach out to our customer service team.