Orbitype for Developer

Orbitype is a managed headless CMS that supports a variety of data sources.

Connect S3 compatible object storages, SQL databases and more.

Use a simple RESTful API to modify your data programtically

or edit it with an automatically generated visual GUI.

Getting started

After signing up, you'll be prompted to create your first free project.

Choose a name, confirm and you'll be redirect to the explore page.

Open the README.json file that was automatically created by clicking on it.

This file serves as an example of Orbitype's capabilities.

Use the toolbar to switch between the visual tree mode and the code mode.

Changes in one mode will automatically be reflected in the other.

Developers can define a data schema in code,

that non-technical people can then view and edit visually.

When you're done, return to the explore page.

Click on the three dots of the README.json to open a context menu.

You may also right click anywhere on the file instead.

This menu allows you to delete or rename the file, among other things.

To create a new file, right click anywhere into the empty area.

You may also click on the three dots in the top right corner instead.

In this menu, you can choose to create a new file or folder or upload a file.

Managing Projects

Click on Project in the top navigation bar to edit the settings.

Each project has a name, a list of members, connectors and API keys.

The members are the users who can access the project.

For each data source (S3, SQL, ...) you must add a matching connector.

For programatic access, create API keys.

You can create new projects and manage existing ones on your account page.

Learn more


For SQL connectors, the API exposes an endpoint to execute prepared SQL

statements. The HTTP Method conveys intention, but you may pass any valid

combination of sql and bindings.

Cookbook - Sections

Modern webpages are often composed of many different sections.

Things like hero banners, testimonials, FAQs or simple text blocks.

Developers implement these as reusable components with props.

But how do we allow non-technical people to use them in Orbitype?