Overview of Orbitype

Orbitype is a headless CMS used for managing content on S3 storage and SQL/Postgres databases. It offers flexibility in data structuring and enables user-defined schemas.

API structure

Orbitype uses so-called "connectors" for various functions:

  • S3 Connector: For operations on S3 storage, such as file uploads, downloads and manipulations.

  • SQL Connector: For interactions with SQL/Postgres databases, including queries and manipulation of data.

Data management

  • Small, uniquely used data sets are saved directly in JSON arrays within the section JSON files.

  • Frequently used data, such as blog posts, are saved as separate JSON files in the S3 bucket.

  • The SQL Connector is used for large data sets (more than 50 entries).

Image manipulation with IPX

Orbitype provides an IPX instance for image manipulation that can be used in combination with the Nuxt Image components:

<nuxt-image src="https://app.orbitype.com/_ipx/s_320x180/https:/s3.../image.jpg" />

More documentation

For detailed documentation, API references, and support, reach out to our customer service team - please contact meanwhile info@webentertainer.ch