Single Pages

In Orbitype, Single View Pages are a crucial concept, especially designed for displaying individual content items in detail. These pages are dedicated to showcasing a specific piece of content, such as an article, image, video, or any custom content type, in isolation from other content on the site. This approach is particularly beneficial for highlighting the intricacies and details of a single content item, providing a focused and enhanced user experience.

The implementation of Single View Pages allows content creators and developers to tailor the presentation and functionality of these pages to the specific needs of the content they're displaying. This could include custom layouts, interactive elements, or additional metadata, enhancing the engagement and accessibility of the content.

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Based on your Data and your Role, Orbitype shows you different options to View and Edit it.

Single View - Tree - Code-Meta

The "Single View - Tree - Code-Meta" feature in Orbitype is an advanced utility designed exclusively for developers, focusing on providing a deep dive into the code and metadata of individual content items through a Single View Page. This feature presents a comprehensive, hierarchical tree view of an item's underlying structure, including both its code base and associated metadata, directly within the Orbitype interface.

  • Tree Structure: Displays the content's code and metadata in a hierarchical, easily navigable tree format.

  • Code-Meta Information: Provides developers with access to the raw code and metadata, enabling deep customization and integration capabilities.

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Image View

Explore images of your S3 Storage in detail with Orbitype's Image View. Click any image file in the cloud storage to enjoy a full-screen display, offering clarity beyond thumbnails or lists. Perfect for a closer look!


Video View

Streamline your video content management in Orbitype with the Video View feature. Access, review, and manage videos directly within the CMS's cloud storage, eliminating the need for external players or downloads. Simplify your content workflow effortlessly.


PDF View

Effortlessly manage PDF documents with Orbitype's PDF View feature. View and interact with PDFs directly in the cloud storage, bypassing downloads and external apps. Ideal for quick access, review, and management of PDF content within the CMS environment.


Orbitype for Developer

Orbitype is a managed headless CMS that supports a variety of data sources.

Connect S3 compatible object storages, SQL databases and more.

Use a simple RESTful API to modify your data programtically

or edit it with an automatically generated visual GUI.