Tree View

The Tree View reads your json or Database Structure and Matches the following Field Types to give you an easy to edit interface on any data structure.

Text Leaf

The text leaf is a basic input field witch allows users to put in text without any format.

Boolean Leaf

A true or false field, useful for toggle options like yes or no, enabling simple binary choices in your content structure.

Date Leaf

A field for dates, allowing you to pick a date from a calendar. Useful for event dates, publication dates, etc.

File Leaf

A field for uploading and storing files, such as images, PDFs, or other documents.

Multilang Leaf

A field designed to store text in multiple languages, enabling you to provide localized content. e.g. that you can switch between languages.

Number Leaf

A field for numerical values, which can be used for quantities, prices, or any numerical data.

Ritchtext Leaf

A field for rich text content that includes formatting options like bold, italic, lists, and links, similar to what you'd find in word processing software.

Select Leaf

A dropdown field that allows you to choose from predefined options, useful for categorizing or selecting types.

ID Leaf

A unique identifier field, often automatically generated, used to uniquely identify each entry.

Relational Leaf

A field that creates a link or relationship between different pieces of content, useful for creating structured relationships like categories or tags.

Chip Leaf

The text leaf is a basic input field witch allows users to put in text without any format.

These leaf types help structure your content in a way that's intuitive to manage and edit, making your CMS more efficient and user-friendly.

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Image View

Explore images of your S3 Storage in detail with Orbitype's Image View. Click any image file in the cloud storage to enjoy a full-screen display, offering clarity beyond thumbnails or lists. Perfect for a closer look!


Video View

Streamline your video content management in Orbitype with the Video View feature. Access, review, and manage videos directly within the CMS's cloud storage, eliminating the need for external players or downloads. Simplify your content workflow effortlessly.


PDF View

Effortlessly manage PDF documents with Orbitype's PDF View feature. View and interact with PDFs directly in the cloud storage, bypassing downloads and external apps. Ideal for quick access, review, and management of PDF content within the CMS environment.


Orbitype for Developer

Orbitype is a managed headless CMS that supports a variety of data sources.

Connect S3 compatible object storages, SQL databases and more.

Use a simple RESTful API to modify your data programtically

or edit it with an automatically generated visual GUI.