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A Revolutionary Cloud OS for Advanced Content Management

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Don't sync to the cloud, work in the cloud. Overcome the limitations of your device and create, store and share your data. Organize into projects that you can easily switch between. Projects can be public (e.g. as a CMS for your website) or private to edit and backup your personal or business documents.

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Take control of your data with our suite of app extensions. Analyze, manage and revolutionize your workflow with Orbitype.

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Open-source Connectors

Streamline your workflow and enhance your productivity by linking any data source to Orbitype with our open-source connectors.

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Flexible yet stable. Powerful yet easy to use.

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Apps that help you edit, visualize and automate

Orbitype Connectors: Bridging Your Services Seamlessly


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Opensourced Connectors Enable you to mount any Data source to Orbtype. Our App Extentions Enable you to Manage Your Data and analyse it.