How To Book Demo on Orbitype

Here are the instructions on how to book demo on Orbitype:

Access Orbitype:

Open your preferred web browser or the Orbitype mobile app.

Type in the URL for Orbitype's website or launch the Orbitype mobile app.

Book A Demo:

On the website, click on "Book A Demo."

Choose from three appointment options:

  1. 1. Presale Questions (15 minutes)

  2. 2. Onboarding (30 minutes)

  3. 3. Premium Support (60 minutes)

Click "Book Now" for your preferred option.

Schedule Meeting:

Select a date and time that suits you for the meeting.

Connect to TidyCal:

If you want to connect your calendar:

Log in to your account on TidyCal.
View mutual availability and select a time slot that works for both parties.

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Key Features of Orbitype

- Flexible Data Management: Customize your content structure as needed. Create and manage your database schema or store files directly on S3.

- API-Driven Interactions: Orbitype's API-centric approach means you can access and manipulate your data through well-defined endpoints.

- Modular Connectors: The system uses connectors, like the S3 Connector for storage and SQL Connector for database operations, to simplify data handling.