How To Register on Orbitype

Here are the instructions on how to register on Orbitype:

Access Orbitype Website/App:

  • Open your preferred web browser on your computer or mobile device.

  • Type in the URL for Orbitype's website or if you have it installed, launch the Orbitype app on your phone.

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Provide Basic Information:

  • On the registration page, provide your email then choose and input a password.

  • Enter your details accurately in the designated fields.

  • And Click "Get Early Access"

  • To avoid free access, click the X in the upper right corner or press esc.

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Key Features of Orbitype

- Flexible Data Management: Customize your content structure as needed. Create and manage your database schema or store files directly on S3.

- API-Driven Interactions: Orbitype's API-centric approach means you can access and manipulate your data through well-defined endpoints.

- Modular Connectors: The system uses connectors, like the S3 Connector for storage and SQL Connector for database operations, to simplify data handling.