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Where is the "Old Orbitype" ?+

Orbitype v1 has been rebranded and is now called SEO-Worflow.com.

What is the Focus of the "New" Orbitype?+

Orbitype has been reprogrammed from scratch to realize an even bigger vision. It is no longer focused on a CMS, but is flexibly extensible through so-called connectors and apps. The default configuration provides the user with an interface to their S3 cloud storage. Here you can use your own storage or use the one from orbitype.

AWS S3 - Projekt Configuration+

Create a new bucket. If you want to create a flatfile CMS for a public site, turn off the "public access blocking" function to make the content of the bucket public. Otherwise leave the default settings. Create an IAM user with the appropriate permissions (s3>your bucket) generate an access key for this user and fill it into the Orbitype project config field.


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Orbitype is a Webentertainer Product. Webentertainer offer web design and web development with swiss quality. We are happy to implement your high-performance marketing websites, corporate websites, online stores and web apps for you. Over the years we accompany and scale the projects and visions of our clients.


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