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Effortlessly manage PDF documents with Orbitype's PDF View feature. View and interact with PDFs directly in the cloud storage, bypassing downloads and external apps. Ideal for quick access, review, and management of PDF content within the CMS environment.

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In Orbitype, the PDF View feature is designed to streamline the process of viewing and interacting with PDF documents directly within the cloud storage section, without the need for downloading the file or using external applications. This feature is particularly useful for quickly accessing, reviewing, and managing PDF content directly within the CMS environment

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Orbitype for Developer

Orbitype is a managed headless CMS that supports a variety of data sources.

Connect S3 compatible object storages, SQL databases and more.

Use a simple RESTful API to modify your data programtically

or edit it with an automatically generated visual GUI.


For SQL connectors, the API exposes an endpoint to execute prepared SQL

statements. The HTTP Method conveys intention, but you may pass any valid

combination of sql and bindings.