Custom CRM

Custom CRM


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Centralized Data Management

Orbitype serves as the central repository for all CRM data, allowing for the creation of custom data models.

API-Driven Integrations

Orbitype's headless nature allows for seamless integration with other tools and platforms, facilitating real-time data exchange and automation

Custom Workflow Automation

Orbitype can be used to design custom workflows for sales processes, customer onboarding, and support ticket management.

Personalized Customer Experiences

Orbitype's capabilities allow businesses to create personalized customer experiences by tailoring communications, recommendations, and services based on the data stored in the CRM

Data Security and Compliance

Orbitype provides control over data storage and management practices, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR or CCPA.

Scalability and Performance

Orbitype's scalable architecture allows the system to handle increasing volumes of data and transactions without compromising performance.

Example Scenario

Consider a business that provides a variety of online services and goods. They create a unique CRM system with Orbitype that gathers comprehensive client profiles, including purchase histories, service preferences, and interaction logs. For client follow-ups, the business sets up automated workflows based on predetermined triggers, such as a purchase or a service request.

In order to increase engagement and sales, the CRM also integrates with the business' email marketing platform to send customized offers and newsletters. With Orbitype powering it, the CRM becomes an essential tool for better understanding and servicing consumers, which boosts satisfaction and loyalty.

By building a custom CRM with Orbitype, businesses gain a powerful tool tailored to their operational needs and customer management strategies, driving efficiency and providing a superior customer experience.

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