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# Introduction

Welcome to Orbitype - A Revolutionary Cloud OS for Advanced Content Management.

Before we start, very briefly, we need to clarify some aspects of the Orbitype to make sure we are talking about the same thing 😃🚀

User Account:

Every User has their account. Freelancer and Agencies can simply join a Client's Project. The Client has the sponsor Role and Pays for the Developer Licenses. If you want it the other way around, you can do that, but keep in mind that the Sponsor owns the Project. (Can be changed anytime)


A user can unlimited projects in which he participates in. This can be private Projects or Shared Projects. Each Project has its settings and can be configured with its Connector. If your project uses additional Resources which are paid on demand, the Sponsor of the Project gets a pill at the end of the month.


Each project has 4 basic roles:
The sponsor pays for the project team and on-demand use of the project.
The manager created the project for the sponsor (this can be the agency or an employee).
Developer works on the project and has extended development tools.
Editor has limited capabileties and is primarily responsible for dayli usage of content creators.

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Opensourced Connectors Enable you to mount any Data source to Orbtype. Our App Extentions Enable you to Manage Your Data and analyse it.